Verbal communication is the power of words and the way it is represented with the oratory skills. Either we can connect with people through our spoken messages or we remain in the disconnected zone with our broken language patterns and disorganized thoughts.

English speaking course in Gurgaon with language competency skills and analytics

 Language learning is about dealing with real-life situations on a daily basis and interacting and collaborating in a meaningful way

What are speaking skills?

It is the process of building and sharing meaning through the use of verbal and non-verbal symbols in varied contexts, it is a crucial part in communication and Language learning.

So what is the most common obstacle while expressing thoughts in English?

As English is our second language and not our mother tongue, we sometimes find it difficult to express the thought according to the context and situation in the best possible way. The best possible way is to make mark or create an impression either on the client or at a meeting, in a group, may be at an interview or a GD or in personal day to day life. Confidence is sometimes the keyword.

English speaking classes in Gurgaon with Best English Coaching and Spoken English

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We let you do the talking

  •       Teaching the four skills of speaking
  •        Organizing thoughts and appropriate words in accordance to the setting, subject matter or situation
  •         Structural pattern of using language with reference to context and logical sequence
  •        Speech sounds and sound patterns
  •        Using spoken power to convince, and instill a sense of agreement and congeniality
  •       Speaking fluently
  •     Word enhancing & vocabulary learning techniques.
  •     Word tacts and metaphors in daily life
  •        Activity based teaching with TPR
  •        Creative techniques through Simulations, Storytelling, brainstorming, role play and many more
  •        Also amalgamation of Neuro Linguistic programming techniques to overcome fear while speaking
  •        Vicarious Learning techniques

English speaking classes in Gurgaon with Best English Coaching and Spoken English with real life communication, authentic tasks to nurture oral linguistic skills and spoken language

Public speaking has been number one adversary in both UK and US, topping even fear of death. Best English classes in Gurgaon with a difference where mind meets words.