English for professionals


English is the de-facto language of communication.

English for professionals and Business English Teaching aims at developing English communicative skills with ethics of writing in specific genre and context.

It envisages language of purpose, connecting, exchanging and exploitation of sources.

It is about learning communicative skills to cooperate, negotiate, and understand conflicts. It is about understanding power and control explaining and finding solutions to problems

Business English and English for professionals are communicating with people within a specific context in varied forums.

It comprises

Ø  General everyday Language patterns

Ø  General business English


     Advertising language, rephrasing and re-framing content techniques, usage of metaphors with vocabulary and context based word usage is an art and requires language skills. The language used in conjunction with business communication skill helps to get a better insight.

ESP (English for Specific Purpose)

Ø  English as restricted language

Ø  English for academic and occupational purpose