About Us

Mind lingual is created with an objective to shape minds and structure language. Our aim is to simplify English Language learning methodologies with different techniques adapted to facilitate language based on the four skills and integrated technical methods for school and higher level programs.

Offering counselling sessions and training of mind using psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programs to understand self and nurture the best expanding our inner consciousness and intuitive intelligence.

It also aims to harness mental wellbeing using communication analogies and language techniques based on behavioral counselling for students, parents, adolescents and individuals to overcome fear, mind blockage and phobias.

Author/Writer/ English language and communication facilitator with forte in training and teaching language for secondary and higher secondary levels specializing in teaching integrated language skills with practical orientation techniques(Lingustic,Grammar,verbal and non- verbal communication analytics and neurological language learning methods).Masters in English.TESOL certified with specialisation in young learner's and business english teaching programs.NLP practitioner pursuing psychology dealing with mind, EQ and psychotherapeutic techniques for removal of mental and emotional blockage, stress,trauma and verbal and non- verbal communication methods. Specializing in children, parenting and individual counselling. UK certified positive parenting guide.


To promote, aid, educate and inspire learning

We design mind to create better self