To understand and to be understood

 The narratives in our mind and the external narratives both create a new world

We think we create and we express

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The program of thinking and communicating is through our language and usage of thoughts and words. The act of speaking is an instrumental act, we all talk to create an effect consciously or unconsciously, creation of thought impacts our mind

Again recreating those thoughts and acting on those creates behavior

And language and expression creates the first step towards the external expression

We begin to express our behavior externally in many ways. Words and Language apart from body language, actions and expressions come to rescue.


Language and the way we run with our words and conversation has a lot to do with understanding the human mind, its subject.

Have you ever wondered about a child and his usage of words and content?

Each child is so unique, so creative, so diverse and endlessly fascinating

The child develops his/ her cognitive skills/ social skills motor skills and linguistic skills all at a time consciously and also unconsciously.


We may say that actions speak louder than words

But the instant words of glorification

Words of provocation

Words of encouragement

Words of praise

Words that create a stir

Words that annoy are the instant stimulus.


Our discourse has a pattern, out emotions too are well-structured


So while the words play a vital role in shaping the conversation

The kind of conversation and the utterance to fit in the mood is very important

You may make the mood or just kill it with the weapon

So while you crack a joke, keep the punch line till the end

But if one cracks the punch line before the timing, the purpose is defeated

The purpose and the expression


The context setting, the images, the practical aspect, and the way we explain through the language makes it interesting


The better way to use context and the content


Relation-Avoid making statements irrelevant to the topic of conversation


Manner- To avoid vague statements


The context and the content can be diverse and accordingly, we can create our own diversity into our meaning


Like the same “I PROMISE “play different tricks on different aged kids.

A 3 yr. old, a 10 yr. old and a 14 yr. old affix different meaning to the content

The meaning is conceptualized in a different way and each child reacts in his own way.

The 3 yr old child may think if the promise was acted upon

The 10 yr old may be suspicious about the same promise

The 14 yr. old may evaluate the intentions of the speaker


Compiling the essence of conversation in every sphere of life is the key to a unique exploration

More to come on the interesting ways to deal with many conversational skills or the way we think-, derive meaning, interpret, attach values and use in our life...storytelling to a powerful presentation of mind everything rests on understanding and delivering of our thoughts. 

The power of mind mapping and the expression is a tool- To better understanding and being understood 


Being happy is all about the way you throw your words










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