English learning and communication for those who still feel that amid crowd and a social gathereing they still have to struggle to find appropriate words to express their thoughts in a specific language.

Mother tongue is always an easier choice when asked to express but fluency in a foreign language is not always as easy.

The way we converse and the structure of verbal communication depend on various aspects.

What we teach

Develop spoken skills through the following methods

  •        Basic and Advanced English 
  •        Concept of Grammar
  •        Common Errors while speaking and writing
  •        Dialogue and conversation
  •        Neutral Accent
  •        Pronunciation
  •        Phonetics Pronunciation
  •        Communication in daily life
  •        Word Substitution
  •        Group discussion
  •        Parenting skills and language modification through neurological linguistic programs

There are times when we may refer house wives or the one who stay back at home to take care of the household because the exposure needed to become confident in spoken skills are lacking and as a result  there is complete behavioral change in spite of carrying potential and ability. The hitch of speaking in an interview takes them one step back.

English classes for housewives and English classes for house wives in Gurgaon

English speaking and language acquiring techniques help them to overcome the fears. With command and confidence opportunities grow. Creating growth through better verbal language skills is the first way to make a mark. Once you can communicate you can let your thoughts an knowledge create the first impression.