English Learning for Kids Beginners  

Teaching and learning English, English learning for kids and English learning for beginners  through different approach, methodologies and activities is always a wonderful experience. The knowledge and the learning are permanent. Kids are often found to be slow learners because the methods of teaching do not touch their senses and interests.

It’s the mind which holds and keeps the information. Language learning is an art .The right way to process information and process it needs better understanding of the mind and the skills of learning language.

The various teaching methods that can enhance learning through mind and creativity helps in the learning process.

English Learning and English learning for kids involves different parameters which involves ideas, activities and teaching tools.

Acquiring language through concept learning is the best way to have ingrained knowledge. Kids and children have an attention span of 3-5 minutes. To instill knowledge and help the child in recognizing language pattern it is important to kindle their interest. English classes for kids and English classes for students are enablers that will help them to reach at a level where language would be easier and fun to learn and understand.

We enable students to be equipped with linguistic skills

We teach

  •       Grammar concepts
  •        Vocabulary
  •        4 skill integration
  •        NlP in ELT
  •        Learning games to enhance language skills
  •        TPR
  •        Mindfulness
  •        Methods to address different intelligence  to facilitate language learning
  •       Basic and Advanced English 
  •        Common Errors while speaking and writing
  •        Dialogue and conversation
  •        Neutral Accent
  •        Pronunciation
  •       Phonetics Pronunciation
  •        Communication in daily life
  •        Word Substitution

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