Children and Teenagers  are at an age when they are in the threshold of learning new things, adapting to too many changes be it physical, psychological or social but not always it seems to be on the right track.

Due to various factors, the path seems to be disoriented and conflicts arise frequently. These changes and behavioral patterns should be looked upon and monitored, Guidance and behavioral enhancement skills help in more than many ways.

These major or minor hitch may be the root cause of a bigger behavioral crisis in future. With an understanding of the many social, emotional and mental health condition the underlying stress or crisis can be resolved. Thus, by interpreting and understanding the deeper concoction the child can excel in other areas. This emotional and psychological distress does not let the child blossom in the best potential.

Children and Teenagers Counselling in Gurgaon Focusing on the following  


  •        Confusion
  •        Fear
  •       Trauma
  •       Lack of concentration
  •       Some of the most common issues which cause signs of distress are  Separation related
  •       Being a part of any Traumatic experience
  •       Death, grief
  •        Behavioral issues
  •        Sexual, emotional and physical abuse
  •       Ethical guidelines
  •       Supportive behavioral techniques                                                                                                     
  •       Circle of excellence
  •        Creative and lateral thinking methods
  •        Research based techniques to manage stress in kids
  •        Self-awareness techniques
  •        Self fulfilment methods with the help of neurological and communicative session
  •        Communication enabling and promotion of healthy habits
  •        Anchoring
  •       Mind mapping in children


 counselling in Gurgaon enable better understanding of one.